Full house for the viewing of this film. Age of attendees from 30’s through to and beyond medicare. Very well behaved with just a soft mummer of chatter. This film was about HISTORY, our government and the press. We wait for the press to give us information as to how the United States is doing domestically and foreign. Well, back in the 70’s while our children were in South East Asia, Viet Nam fighting a war, there was a leak on US policy in the world when it came to the strategy of many administrations. The leak came in the form of the “Pentagon Papers”. The information was sizzling. It gets into the hands of the “Washington Post”..OMG….this is a do or die predicament. Let the American People know about the contents and publish or look the other way. Government was lawyer ed up with very serious consequences if the paper published…..It is a constant battle , you as a good citizen must remain vigilant regardless of the topic…..Big bold letters a Stephen Spielberg film…a light response of applause at the end. Other than the story, the production qualities were right on. A good movie, don’t miss it….

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